You intend to create your products from aluminium. And you are still wondering what, where and how to get it. With an Indian aluminium companies showing real promise today, you can get the high-quality aluminium, you want for any use and purpose you intend to produce. Before that, you need to understand that there are two main types of aluminium used in the industry, namely casting and extrusion. But what is the difference between the two and what is their purpose?

We’ll look at the answer now…

 What is Die Casting aluminium?

Let’s take a look at the aluminium Die casting process. The process involves melting together aluminium ingots, alloying elements and additional castings. And by injecting the molten metal into a mold using a cylinder.

It is good to know that die casting can be used in a wide range of sizes and can be adapted to complex geometries. For example, car engine blocks can be made from this type of aluminium.

 What is extruded aluminium?

For extruded aluminium products, the manufacturing process involves forcing the heated aluminium billet through a die to achieve a desired shape or cross-section. This allows the billet to be cut to the desired length and then further processed.

If you are looking to manufacture reliable and high-strength products, the best choice would be extruded aluminium and more with premium quality aluminium extrusion manufacturers in India, and this is achieved by the work hardening that occurs during the forming process.

Which is good for your project?

Die Casting and extruded aluminium are both different in their own ways and have their advantages and disadvantages depending on the use. So let’s see below the difference, which may help you in your decision.

For Die casting.

For extrusion

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