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Corporate Social Responsibility

Ever since Global Aluminium was founded in 1996, our commitment towards Corporate Social Responsibility has remained as one of our core activities, with the initiation stemming up from our Founder Mr. K.K.Agarwal, leading by example. Under his able leadership and guidance, Global Aluminium commenced the spirit of contribution towards the social and economic development of the society with sustainable goals ensuring the implementation of social activities across education, environmental conservation, healthcare and few more segments.

Over the years, the responsibility of carrying out the social & philanthropic activities were passed on to the next generation leader, our Chairman & Managing Director, Mr.Anil Kumar Agarwal, who stepped up the level of contributions and extended the areas of focus to the weaker sections of the society along with a host of primary schools, colleges, old age homes & orphanages as well. Our Director, Mr.Mohit Agarwal, has gone beyond the traditional charitable activities and designed a strategic system which was integrated into the very culture of our organization and thereby maximizing the impact of the entire program, delivering the maximum benefits to the targeted sections of the society.

Our Chairman gives the CSR team a strategic direction and ensures effective performance management. Mr.Anil Agarwal says, “Current challenges we are facing in the society definitely needs not just mere innovation but an increased pace of work as well, which can only be achieved through the transformation in organization’s values & culture and also by working together across industries. Our motivation does not subside here; it extends beyond economic, social & environmental responsibility”.


The main objective of the CSR Policy is to lay down the guidelines for CSR activities of the Company. Global Aluminium Private Limited (GAPL) aims to create economic value and to actively contribute towards the development of a sustainable society by taking up projects for the common good through responsible business practices and good governance. The Policy is formulated in compliance of the requirements of the Companies Act, 2013 and the Rules made there under.

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Our impact areas across different segments of the society, as follows:

A business organization’s influence towards society is unique and extremely different than the individual; however, it is also the major contributor for the nation. Companies in India are now changing the dynamics which are becoming accountable for social and environmental concerns and they are also integrating them into the core components of the business.

Corporate taxes are majorly the important source to finance goods and welfare activities by the government, and an organization’s impact towards society at large can be understood by its tax payments, duties and levies etc. Global Aluminium contributed about an amount of $250 million directly indirectly in form of different taxes to both state and central governments and will keep contributing at the same scale for the coming years.

In the last few years, it has been proven that corporations are playing a merely major role in contribution towards society in terms of CSR movement. Developmental impact of unique CSR strategies have been becoming more transparent, accountable and responsible now-a-days. At Global Aluminium, we believe that apart from direct contributions we are making, our scale of business is also an influential factor, as it involves large number of elements such as our strategic exports which results in payment of different taxes and we bringing in the Foreign Exchange Reserves (FDI’s) and more. Our compliance towards CSR has been directly & indirectly contributing towards the development of Indian economy, in vast number of areas.

We believe that, an organization to succeed, it has to maintain highest standards of corporate behavior, not just towards its employees and stakeholders, but even towards the society.

Along with our focus areas such as Health & Hygiene, Education & Employment, Empowerment & Equality, Global Aluminium also made direct contributions towards

  • Prime Minister’s Fund
  • Women empowerment activities such as education and employment opportunities.
  • Providing healthcare for different villages in and around Medak district, in form of free periodic medical health check-ups & eye check-ups.
  • With respect to quality education, we have provided food and infrastructure which includes text books, school facilities, salaries for teachers across multiple schools in different villages
  • Contribution to Radha Swami Society.
  • Covid relief activities such as Covid tests, Covid vaccinations, Covid treatments and other food distribution activities around different villages for numerous Covid affected patients.
  • Developed infrastructure of different villages like building roads, water tanks and panchayat offices amounting to more than INR 2 crores.

And we have always been on the front foot in terms of supporting and lending a helping hand for all kinds of social causes.

Global Aluminium has engaged in community development and is one of the key pillars of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, alongside the benefits we are creating at workplace, environment and also the society.

Through our community engagement and developmental activities, we are able to impact hundreds of families, directly & indirectly in terms of creating jobs, improving the standards of living, volunteering in local schools and community projects.

Apart from this, our standard technical processes and infrastructure define our committed approach towards environmental safety and building sustainable global agenda towards greener earth.

Global Aluminium always focuses on performing business in the interest of larger community with integrated core values and ethics. Our stringent implementation of CSR also exemplifies our motto towards balancing the interests of our stakeholders, investors along with the community.

CSR is not just an obligation to the society & community but also to the stakeholders, which means every individual or group that deals with Global Aluminium (both internal & external stakeholders). We practice CSR effectively towards stakeholders as well, to give back to them their share of return. Alongside the internal stakeholders such as investors, shareholders, we cater to the needs of our customers; handle the concerns of our suppliers, creditors and the local community as well. Our business processes also aims to reduce any damaging impact on the environment through our efficient and eco-friendly business processes.

$250 Million

Direct &
Indirect Contribution

₹ 250 Crores

customs/duties (appx.)

100 Billion

in Taxes

₹ 2+ crores

towards village

10+ lakh

lives empowered
& educated

Around 9+

Villages served
& enhanced