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Aluminium extrusion process is the process of creating and shaping aluminium in the predefined forms by pressing it through a custom set die. It includes heating the billet, loading it into the press chamber and pressing the molten aluminium to attain a shape.
Global Aluminium provides fitting solutions for every conceivable and convincible need in every field, in different alloys like AA6005, AA6063 (63400), AA 6351, 6082(64430), 6061(65032), E91E, 6101 (63401) EIE (19501) 24345(HE 15), 52000, 54300 and in M, 0, T4, T5, & T6 tempers.
Aluminium Extrusion Profiles or Extruded profiles are the outputs created through the dies from a pressing machine which form the lengths of aluminium from billets.These extruded profiles come out in different sizes and shapes based on customer requirements.
Anodizing the extruded aluminium is an electrochemical process that creates a thin layer of oxide over the surface to increase the corrosion resistance and surface hardening.
Aluminium fabrication is an extended process of aluminium extrusion, also called as value addition. It involves a few other processes such as welding, stamping, bending, extruding, and shearing etc.