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Preferred Partner

We are the most preferred aluminium extrusion manufacturer by companies across industries, globally. Our exhaustive range of products and solutions cater to 82+ industries, serving any category of need. We are in the industry for more than 2 decades and have operations in multiple countries serving more than 25,000 clients all over the world. Our motto “We provide good price, better quality and best services in everything we deal in” runs in the very culture of our organization, which built us into an Emerging Market Leader in Aluminium Extrusion Manufacturing Industry.

Global Aluminium manufactures premium quality extrusion profiles in different alloys with thickness ranging from 0.4mm to 125 mm and profile size varying from 4.0 mm to 300 mm subject to the alloys and other specifications. There are more than 50000 dies for 15000 different profiles.

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Our Quality & Service

Our quality is demonstrated at the basic step of the process, i.e. procuring aluminium raw material. All our raw material is ultra-sonic tested for hydrogen levels and grain structures. Our quality testing norms are devised to ensure consistency in dimensions, mechanical properties, surface conductivity and ultra-sonic testing, proven to be the best in aluminium extrusion manufacturing.


Over the years, we have adapted the latest technologies, be it Ascona, UTM or USM, Spectro etc, to achieve in house testing for desired quality. We also have a sound testing facility for our surface coated products, as well.

Our Facility

We operate 2 advanced automated aluminium extrusion manufacturing units which produce high quality premium aluminium alloys, spread across 40 acres, 80% allocated under greener norms. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are well-equipped with 11 aluminium extrusion presses with 50,000 MT capacity per annum and modern machinery, bringing value addition to the full cycle of Aluminium Extrusion metallurgy, anodizing, surface treatment process and extrusion technology improvements, thus supplementing to all the consumption needs.

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Our Expertise

Our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities and in-depth industry expertise have been the ideal catalysts in accomplishing our client choices. Our strong R&D team has developed differentiated offerings based on the company’s priority markets and established new platforms, over the years. In terms of innovation & evolution, GAPL has been the first manufacturer to adopt new techniques, technologies, ideas and implementations. 

Our Customized Profiles

Our high end aluminium extrusion presses can produce 100% customization basis client needs, without comprising on the precision finishes, adopting high standards of quality consistently. We manufacture customized aluminium extrusion profiles basis needs from different industries, producing the smallest and finest possible extrusion profile outcomes. 

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Our Team

The team at Global Aluminium is relevantly experienced and knowledgeable specifically in aluminium extrusion industry, to ideate and execute new process towards achieving optimistic solutions. Our highly skilled workforce has years of experience to attain any kind of aluminium extrusion profile requirement through their expertise in respective fields.