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Composition is the KEY
At Global Aluminium, we define our alloys produced by mixing magnesium, silicon, manganese, copper or zinc which make the properties of the desired alloy basis customized requirements.


  • Alloys created at GAPL are always made within the EN/ASTM/DIN standards to achieve desired durability, elasticity at recommended feasibility, corrosion resistance, surface appearance and conductivity as per our clients’ needs and requirements.
    Homogeneity in raw material has always been a vital aspect and our standards are attained accordingly as we use homogenized billets and ingots exclusively. Our raw material is always homogenized uniquely for each alloy with desired chemical composition to achieve the most appropriate specifications.
    Our quality is demonstrated at the basic step of the process, i.e procuring raw material. All our raw material is ultra-sonic tested for hydrogen levels and grain structures.
  • A key technique for extrusion process is sound knowledge and capability to manage varied alloys as per process parameters along with diverse temperatures. These are few of the main aspects of our quality achieved through custom definitions for each product and specified by rigid process controls. We follow fundamental homogenized ageing furnace process meticulously to maintain homogeneity in all zones across all lengths and an effective solution treatment process, wherever required.
  • Our quality testing norms are devised to ensure consistency in dimensions, mechanical properties, surface conductivity and ultra-sonic testing.
    Over the years, we have adapted the latest technologies, be it Ascona, UTM or USM, Spectro etc, to achieve in house testing for desired quality. We also have a sound testing facility for our surface coated products, as well.
  • Meanwhile, our packaging confirms to standards/desired custom requirements to ensure that the products are handled and delivered safely to the customer. With all the process control teams in place, we ensure nothing is overlooked and all norms laid out are ardently followed.