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Our Vision

 We provide  good price,  better quality  and  best services in everything we deal in.

Our Mission

To cater to a diverse and dynamic Market both Domestic and Global for Value-added Extrusion and Aluminium extruded Downstream products.

Our Core Values

Manufacturer of premium-quality aluminium extrusion profiles

GLOBAL ALUMINIUM PRIVATE LIMITED, a Company incorporated under the erstwhile provisions of Companies Act, 1956, is an ISO 9001-2015 & ISO 14001:2015 Certified by TUV SUD, engaged in manufacturing of premium quality Aluminium profiles. We operate 2 advanced automated aluminium manufacturing units strategically located very close to each other at Kallakal Village of Medak district in the state of Telangana. 

The infrastructure has been setup with most advanced technologically equipped machineries and 100% power back up facilities. We cater to the intricate e global needs with an installed capacity of 50,000 TPA with in house value additions like aluminium extrusion manufacturing , anodizing processes, aluminium powder coating processes and precision machining facilities customized basis demand across industries such as Automotive, Electrical & Electronics, Building, Construction & Architectural, Aeronautics, Air handling, Renewable energy segment, Defense, Automation and more, there by transforming the way, aluminium manufacturing is perceived in India & abroad.

Aluminium Factory Hyderabad

Global Aluminium started the journey in year 1996 with a strong commitment to produce excellent quality aluminium products with one extrusion press of 1000 Tons capacity. We are gradually expanding to become the top aluminium manufacturing company in India with a vision & mission working towards sustainable developmental goals. Currently, we are operating 11 aluminium extrusion presses with a consolidated capacity of 50,000 metric tonnes per annum. It is a well-established company which has carved a niche for itself in successfully manufacturing diverse aluminium profiles and has developed an expertise in Aluminium alloys for more than 25 years, supplying high-quality aluminium products across global markets and have been a sought after Aluminium exporter for different companies in countries such as USA, UK, Germany, Canada, France, Spain, Australia, Turkey, Middle East, Kuwait, Argentina, Brazil, China & Russia, thus establishing global footprint.

Today, our enterprise is surging ahead purely on the merit of implementing avant-garde technologies and modern practices along with dedicated and positive attitude team which enhances our product quality. Our strength lies in our ability to focus on every detail while not losing attention on the overall structure. Best Aluminium extrusion manufacturer in India Top Aluminium Extrusion Companies in India Top 10 aluminium extrusion companies in India Best Aluminium extrusion companies in India aluminium extrusion profiles catalog Top aluminium extrusion exporters in India


M.Anil Kumar Agarwal_Global Aluminium Private Limited_MD & Chairman

Anil Agarwal
Chairman & MD

Mr Anil Agarwal, hailing from Nalwa in Haryana, is commerce Graduate from Hyderabad with a sound understanding of technical nuances in the field of Aluminium Extrusion. Beginning a Journey from being a Consumer of Aluminium Extrusion in 1990’s, Mr Agarwal understood the challenges faced by the customers and envisioned a plan to close those Gaps. In 1996 he founded Global Aluminium Private Limited with that vision which has lead to Global Aluminium being India’s Number one player in Quality while being One of India’s Top Three Manufacturers in Size and capacity. Being a Keen Customer oriented Individual, Mr. Agarwal has further focused on Value addition to the existing products and markets to have grown the company and capacity by over 300 times in the last 20 years. He has a proven track record for customer satisfaction and sustainable long term Relations a core belief he carries and entrusts his team with.

Mr Agarwal is a man with a deep sense of giving back to the society and stake holders and has been a Avid giver to Charities and Social Causes. Some of the Causes that are close to his heart, Spirituality, General health care, Women’s Empowerment and education, Literacy and higher education, have also been recipients of generous donations in the form of Resources, Time and Focus from the entire teams at the Global apart from his personal Focus and efforts. Mr. Agarwal has also been an Elemental Force in Environmental Measures by Allocating Spaces for greenery, investments and promotion of renewable energy and Sustainable manufacturing processes and equipment. His vision and constant focus on environmental sustainability has been a vision ahead of time which today has become a requisite in the fast evolving and woke world.

Mohit Agarwal

Mohit Agarwal

Mr. Mohit Agarwal is a whole time Director, who decided to join the family business in the year 2018 after having completed his Masters from Imperial College London, UK. He carries expertise in Finance, taxation, Marketing and administration from his education and previous work experiences and under the tutelage of Industry leading experts and in-house technicians; he has gained a thorough understanding of the technical and engineering aspects of the field. Strategic planning and Execution has been a core belief in the way he sees administration along with Consistency and sustainability. 

During this time, the Organization has seen a huge jump in Revenues and Entry into New and Diverse markets and access to different Countries. A strong advocate of technology and Engineering Capability, the organization has witnessed up-gradation, Optimal utilization and scaling up of capacities and facilities.

His strong belief in the name with which the organization was founded with, Mohit Agarwal aims at truly making Global Aluminium a Global Company with our products at the moment being supplied to 6 out of 7 continents across the world.

Mayank Agarwal

Mayank Agarwal

Mr. Mayank Agarwal pursued mechanical engineering and completed Masters in Sales and Marketing from IE Business School, Spain before joining the family business, full time in 2020. He was aggressive in learning & understanding the nitty gritties of operations and other technical processes at ground level, owing to the strength of his engineering background.

During his time with the business, he has worked closely in value addition, focusing on his vision of making Global Aluminium a one stop solution for different type of industry and customer needs. His signature work style aided in debottlenecking processes and pushing different verticals in achieving their maximum potential. Under his leadership, the machine shop team has multiplied its capacities and expanded exponentially, while also venturing into new verticals of machining. He has worked strongly on team building and was successful in catalyzing the shift from person driven to process driven organization. His focus is on streamlining the internal supply chain of the company to avoid last minute urgencies.

He believes that every organization will need a strong IT infrastructure to be competitive in the future. With this vision in mind, he has been relentlessly working on making the most efficient & cost effective custom ERP software to make the data more transparent and communications faster.




Commencement with one Extrusion press


Another expansion with 2 presses


Expansion with a new press line


Expansion with a new press line


Export orientation and servicing clients internationally


Expansion with 2 new presses and 1 foundry equipment


Sustains and grows marginally during the financial crisis


Expansion with 4 additional presses including Large tonnage Presses with higher Billet Dias


Expansion & diversification into anodizing & powder coating lines, simultaneously.


Becomes the 3rd Largest Indian Aluminium Extrusion Manufacturing Company with the highest number of presses under a single roof.


Expanded with new equipment – Ageing Oven


Becomes one of the most renowned Extrusion Brands in India for Quality and reliability


Expansion and diversification into machining operations and fabrication


Becomes India’s Largest Aluminium Extrusion Manufacturer with Value-added products all under a roof.


Becomes India Largest Exporter of Value-added Aluminium extrusion


Expansion and addition of 2 High tonnage Presses


1 ageing oven & foundry equipment


Expands in the anodizing