Introduction to Renewable Energy:

With significant advancements in technology and increase in industrial development, there has been a huge surge in the usage of fossil fuels, from last 2 decades, which is associated with emission problems polluting the air and the environment. This propelled the demand for clean, green and sustainable energy, otherwise called as “Renewable Energy” which is the need-of-the-hour, thus pushing governments to drive the production through investment friendly schemes and policies, incentivizing production and consumption both. Scientists and researchers have been working continuously on the task of finding suitable energy sources and optimizing the alternative resources by integrating them with technology, for the best possible outcomes.

This “ Quest For Renewable Energy “ had identified sources such as Solar energy, Wind energy, Hydropower and successfully implemented them in various industries reaping the benefits as well. Today, the results of the quest are highly remarkable that the solar industry which is currently valued approximately at $100 Billion is projected by global markets, to reach an average $220 Billion within next 5-7 years. All this resulted in rapid development of products & process for power generation through renewable sources and this development involved multiple metals & different materials such as silver, steel, glass and aluminium.

Aluminium – The Solution:

Across variety of metals & materials used, aluminium has been the most preferred because of its special properties. Aluminium & its alloys play an important role in terms of end use applications at different levels in all kinds of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydro.

Some of the special properties, which made aluminium an interesting and favored metal are:

And many more advantages to list out, thus “Aluminium Is The Solution“ for the modern-day energy production demands.

Aluminium Extrusion Industry & Global Aluminium Limited:

Demand for aluminium extrusion profiles has been significantly increasing in the past few years and so far 2022 has been stronger still, for renewable energy, thrusting the aluminium extrusion requirement substantially higher compared to previous years. As the awareness builds up in the younger generations with consciousness to lower the carbon footprints across globe, the demand gets boosted which demonstrates the heavy surge of orders to aluminium extrusion manufacturers especially from solar industry, despite unstable geo-political scenarios. As per the requirement, innovation is growing as well in terms of aluminium extrusion end use applications to fulfill the increasing demands from solar power industry. 85% of the solar PV components are made out of aluminium, according to a study. Aluminum extrusion is used to create comprehensive system frameworks for PV components, concentrating solar power (CSP’s) & solar panels in different applications that include connectors, supporters, frames etc.

As far as the wind energy is concerned, most of the parts used in wind turbines such as rotor hubs, rotor shafts, base frames, machine carriers, wind nacelle parts etc. require aluminium extruded profiles that plays a prominent role from turbines to inner tower structural elements.

Keeping the increasing bids in view and the level of innovations happening in renewable energy industry, Global Aluminium is focusing on building & developing precision-cut custom extrusion profiles to solve their evolving demands. Additionally, with our technological capabilities, our R&D team is also working towards designing optimized solutions for anodizing, fabrication works as well, as these play a major role in solar power industry.

Below are few of the renewable energy projects, to give readers, a perception on the scale of its raise..

Charanka-Solar-Park_Gujarat                      Dhalgaon-Wind-Farm_Maharashtra

           Charanka-Solar-Park_Gujarat                                   Dhalgaon-Wind-Farm_Maharashtra


Kamuthi-solar-plant_Tamilnadu                    Jaisalmer-Wind-Park_Rajasthan

      Kamuthi-solar-plant_Tamilnadu                                         Jaisalmer-Wind-Park_Rajasthan