In recent years, environmental concerns have increased, with businesses and individuals becoming more mindful of their impact on the environment. The manufacturing industry has been scrutinized for its environmental impact because it is responsible for a considerable quantity of carbon emissions. Fortunately, few businesses are reducing their carbon footprint and becoming more ecologically conscious. Being a leading and responsible player in the aluminium extrusion manufacturing sector, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by adhering to environmentally friendly regulations.

Aluminium extrusion is a manufacturing method that involves pressing aluminium through a die to mould it into various shapes. The process is energy-intensive and can generate considerable carbon emissions. Companies can lower their carbon footprint and operate in a more sustainable manner, however, by enacting environmentally friendly practices.

We are an aluminium extrusion manufacturing firm that has been in business for over 25 years. We specialize in the manufacturing of extruded aluminium profiles along with value additions such as anodizing, powder coating, fabrication etc, which are utilized in a variety of industries, including the construction, automotive, and aerospace sectors. We are committed to lowering our carbon impact and have enacted a variety of strategies to do so.

Using renewable energy is one of the most important measures made by Global Aluminium. We have installed solar panels on the top of our plants, which generate a substantial portion of the electricity needed to power the operation. The solar panels are linked to a battery storage system, allowing the business to store surplus energy generated during the day and use it at night when the sun is not shining. This has greatly decreased the company’s dependency on fossil fuels and contributed to the reduction of its carbon footprint.

Also, we invested in energy-efficient gear and equipment. The extrusion process demands a large amount of energy, and the company has been able to cut its energy consumption and carbon emissions by implementing energy-efficient technology. The company has also created a program to monitor and improve its energy usage, which has helped to uncover energy-saving opportunities and resulted in additional reductions in carbon emissions.

GAPL has undertaken both, reduction in energy consumption and energy recycling program. The company has been able to cut its carbon emissions and the amount of waste sent to landfills by energy recycling. We had constructed a closed-loop recycling system, meaning that any waste generated during the extrusion process is collected and recycled back into other production operations. This has significantly reduced the company’s carbon emissions and decreased its dependency on main energy source.

environmental-friendly-processes_top-aluminium-extrusion-manufacturer_global-aluminiumMoreover, Global Aluminium has established a plan to reduce its transportation-related emissions. Transportation emissions can represent a significant portion of a company’s carbon footprint, and the company has implemented a number of measures to reduce its transportation emissions, including the use of more fuel-efficient vehicles and the optimization of delivery routes to minimize the distance travelled. In addition, the company has launched a campaign to encourage clients to acquire bigger amounts of aluminium profiles, which has resulted in fewer deliveries and a further reduction in transportation emissions.

We also have implemented a sustainability reporting system to measure and manage its environmental performance. The corporation measures its carbon emissions, energy consumption, and garbage generation and reports this data annually to its stakeholders. This has increased openness and accountability and pushed the company to continue enhancing its environmental performance.

Being a responsible aluminium extrusion manufacturing firm, we have examined and implemented a variety of environmentally friendly policies and sustainable practices to lower our carbon impact.