Aluminium extrusion profiles for heatsinks


Aluminum extrusion profiles are a popular choice for a variety of industries, including the electronics industry. This is because aluminum is lightweight, strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant, making it an ideal material for a range of applications. One such application is  heatsinks, which are crucial components in electronic devices that dissipate heat and prevent overheating. What […]

Key Role of Aluminium Extrusions in Medical Industry & The Way Forward:


Aluminium extrusions have become an essential component in the manufacturing of medical devices and equipment. These extrusions offer a unique combination of durability, strength, and light weight, making them an ideal material for the medical industry. In this blog, we will discuss the key role of aluminium extrusions in medical device and equipment manufacturing and […]

Aluminium Extrusion for Automotive Applications: Trends and Opportunities


Aluminium extrusion is a manufacturing process that involves shaping and forming aluminium alloys into specific shapes and designs using heat and pressure. The process has found extensive use in the automotive industry due to the various benefits offered by aluminium extrusions over traditional materials like steel. Aluminium extrusions are lighter, more durable, and resistant to […]

All about aluminium section profiles & its types


Aluminum is one of the most versatile and widely used metals in the manufacturing industry. Its unique combination of lightweight, strength, and corrosion resistance make it an ideal material for a variety of applications. One of the most common forms of aluminum used in manufacturing is aluminum sections, which are produced using a process called […]