What makes us The Best Aluminium Extrusion Manufacturer ?


Global Aluminium developed expertise in aluminium extrusion for over 25 years now and our export presence is spread around the world in different countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, France, Germany, Spain, Russia and even more in the Middle East and Asia including China and Australia. Global Aluminium is known to be the […]

Why is aluminium crucial in Building & Construction Sector?


Aluminium forms significant portion of a fully constructed building, be it commercial or residential. In today’s construction and infrastructure scenario, multiple source materials are being replaced by aluminium, as it is extensively catering to numerous end-use applications in this segment. Some of them include external facades, scaffoldings & formwork, doors & windows, railings, staircases & […]

Quest for Renewable energy – Aluminium Extrusion is the Solution


Introduction to Renewable Energy: With significant advancements in technology and increase in industrial development, there has been a huge surge in the usage of fossil fuels, from last 2 decades, which is associated with emission problems polluting the air and the environment. This propelled the demand for clean, green and sustainable energy, otherwise called as […]

How Aluminium Redefined The Way Of Architecture – End-Use Applications

aluminium extrusion in architecture_india_usa_uk_europe_exports

Huge skyscrapers, glass faces of high rises, green buildings, sturdy roofs, wonderful structures of sports facilities, stadiums and many more – Thanks to Aluminium for redefining the modern architecture. Can you believe? 25% of global aluminium produced is used in Building & Construction Industry!! Aluminium & its Emergence: Back in 1700’s, forget about the utilization […]

Story of Our Evolution – The way we are leading the Aluminium Extrusion Industry


It all started back in 1996, when a visionary envisioned the vital role of aluminium in the world metal industry for the coming years and the way it would transform different industries across India & the world. With small beginnings, Global Aluminium was started with a commitment to produce excellent quality aluminium extrusion profiles from […]